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[Jun. K & Junho]

140922 KPOP Expo in Asia - Junbros

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[Soompi] 2PM ‘Go Crazy’ in Special Shoutout - Junbros ♥

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'GO CRAZY' DVD screen caps - Junbros

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Junbros ♥

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Translated by JunkayStreet

Junbros ♥

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140830 JYP Nation “One Mic” HK Concert ‘Nobody’ - Junbros ♥

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140826 Junbros at Gimpo Airport (back from Japan)

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| CanCam Magazine Interview Oct. 2014 |

Q. Who amongst the members that is likely to be the most envious if you have a girlfriend?

Jun. K: Junho! He has the image of likely to get envious. Nobody has no enviousness anyway, right?

Q. The tastiest food out of the ones you’ve eaten recently?

Junho: (laughs) It’s so simple~!

Jun. K: Yesterday, because I was so hungry, the bread from Junho…

Junho: “Junho’s bread” wasn’t it. My bread. It was a bread I bought because I really wanted to eat but Jun. K hyung… (Junho looked at Jun. K suspiciously)

Jun. K: Wait, let me explain! Yesterday, I was hungry when a SNS message from Junho came, it said “Come quickly” so I went to Junho’s room.

Chansung: Then?

Taecyeon: What happened in the end!

Jun. K: Junho gave the bread he bought himself to me.

Wooyoung: So you said it’s tasty?

Junho: Of course, since he ate 2 of my breads. My breads.

Chansung: Two! (burst out laughing)

Jun. K: They were pizza bread and roll cake, delicious~

Editor: Do you like bread?

Jun. K: No. (He then made a proud expression)

All: (burst out laughing) What is that!

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